Tackling Sleep

Sleep is absolutely fundamental to your general wellbeing. I often tell my patients that to function well in life there are especially two things that we need – one is sleep, the other is to eat. If either of the two are affected in any way, this will have a negative effect on you however much you optimise other aspects of your life. Issues with sleep can stem from for example broken sleep, poor quality sleep, inability to fall asleep/fall back to sleep, poor sleeping patterns, oversleeping or purely lack of sleep, etc. They may be driven by stress and anxiety, lack of daily routine, lack of exercise, excessive caffeine, too much screen time, the nature of your work, poor bedding, background noise to more physical conditions such as bladder problems or ongoing pain; it would be definitely worthwhile addressing these issues. Sleep deprivation is known to suppress the immune system so it’s best to tackle the problems early on. It could be that a short course of sleeping tablets may be the answer in certain situations for some people but it is always best to find more natural ways to improve sleep in the first instance and practice sleep hygiene.


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What is sleep hygiene? (Sleep Foundation)
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For those looking for a non-psychological and non-drug-based therapy, see my review on Alpha-Stim (AID), which uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation to treat insomnia, anxiety and depression and insomnia. This is really cutting edge therapy that is making its way into the NHS and already used in the private sector.



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