Case 1 – ‘Obesity’


You see the recent advertisements telling you that ‘obesity’ is the now the second biggest preventable cause of cancer in the UK with more than 1 in 20 cancer cases caused by excessive weight. You look at yourself and say, I would like to lose some weight. Well, you may need a bit of motivation here. Have a look at the The Power of a Positive Mind section first and bear in mind that you only need to lose around 10% of your weight to benefit a 50% reduction in diseases associated with being overweight (separate to the aesthetic benefit you may associate with losing weight). Then have a look at Tackling Obesity and possible Tackling the Lack of Exercise in the Cancer Prevention Research section. The key here is not to feel pressured but to be opportunistic and make the most of the moment for you to take control and make the first step to initiate change – this may purely be the act of just thinking about it, which is fine to begin with. If the moment passes, come back again at a different time but most importantly, do not despair. Most things in life are not black and white. It is just as important to embark on the process with a positive mindset rather than to be fixated by that pursuit of that positive outcome.


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