How to Calm the Mind (Photos of Beautiful Images)

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Rather than writing a lot about this topic, I think it is best to try to look, listen and feel. Imagine yourself on a holiday when you can see that perfect view. It might be the perfect sunrise or sunset, the vast sea, the mountains, the blue sky, or even the stars shining as night falls. Similarly, listening to the sounds of birds, the tides of the ocean or even certain types of sounds can give you a sense of calmness and reduce the tension in the body. In an ideal world, it would be great to have these experiences on an everyday basis where one can enjoy the moment to achieve that state of bliss and tranquility preferably far away from the stresses of daily life. Holidays are great for this but we can’t always be on holiday.

Well, in reality I don’t think you necessarily have to be there in person to simulate some of these positive emotions. Visualising and merely the act of thinking about a place, an experience may be enough to get you in the right mood and allow you to relive or even create the moment (I’m sure we’ll soon be replacing some aspects of this with virtual reality in the years to come). The ability to visualise can also be a powerful tool to accomplishing your goals and getting you in the right mindset when approaching a task or even when confronted by setbacks.


Courtesy of TED (taken from YouTube) Terms of Service


Photo Slideshows of Calmness

Here, I have made a few photo slideshows with the focus on different elements of nature. Playing some calm music in the background whilst viewing the photos will also enhance the experience. You can for example choose your music from Meditation & Mindfulness or try out a Solfeggio frequency (e.g. 396 Hz  I  417 Hz  I  528 Hz  I   639 Hz  I   741 Hz  I   852 Hz – other frequencies 417 Hz  I  963 Hz) or scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on the soundtrack.

All done in the comfort and safety of your room!

The Sky



The Landscape


(Photos taken from – with thanks to each of the image authors)


Courtesy of Planet Earth II Soundtrack Hans Zimmer et al. (taken from YouTube) Terms of Service



Now let’s see if we can get you in the holiday mood.
Alternatively, you can take a virtual garden tour of some the wonderful gardens around the world.


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