A Good Cry As We Know It

Sometimes having a good cry can make a world of difference enabling you to release some of that tension that may have built up caused by the stresses of daily life. Allowing emotions to come out can help one’s general wellbeing (and of course, lead to the release of e.g. oxytocin and endorphins, the good-feel factors). Whilst the study of crying is perhaps not as well documented as some forms of other human behaviour, there are clearly health benefits and it would be worth tapping into this particularly if you are someone who bottles up their emotions or perhaps is not as attuned to their feelings; some basic information on the science of crying can be found in the hyperlinked articles below. What is interesting to know that being moved can also lead you to shed a tear. Here are just a couple that brought tears to my eyes. It might be worth taking advantage of these emotional states.

Courtesy of BGT (taken from YouTube) Terms of Service


The Health Benefits of Tears (Psychology Today)
Have a Good Cry. The Health Benefits of Tears (WebMD)
Why do we cry? The three types of tears (TED Ed)
Let It Out: 15 Ways a Good Cry Affects Your Body and Mind (Reader’s Digest)
Why do I cry? (BBC)



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