Welcome to CanSure Heal It

This CanSure Heal It ®  website offers a novel holistic and integrative approach to cancer prevention and management where the focus is truly on you as the individual. The website is not meant to be a directory of cancer websites or a list of cancer services. Here we take you on your cancer-free journey with the hope of achieving a ‘cancer-free’ status in the loosest sense of the meaning. That is, you might be a cancer survivor hoping to optimise things to remain cancer-free, you may be a patient awaiting results and hoping to be told you are cancer-free, or it may even be that you are someone who is very health conscious wanting to make sure you are cancer-free by focusing on lifestyle and prevention. The website will essentially guide you and enable you to conduct your own research interests based on wherever you are on the cancer-free journey. Of note, this website works best when viewing it on a computer (as opposed to on a smartphone) where you can sit and relax and maximise the experience. 

If you are looking for information on behalf of someone else with cancer, please make sure to include them in the process. Whilst I am confident you will find useful information, the website is also designed to try to offer some therapeutic value in the form of focusing on the softer aspects of medicine likely to help your loved one along their cancer-free journey. 


Obviously, there needs to be a certain level of motivation, engagement and a willingness to change to gain any meaningful benefit from this website. The content is deliberately written in a way that is somewhat word-heavy like a short book and assumes some prior scientific knowledge and uses medical jargon (but nothing too difficult – definitions and links are in place). The layout of the website should be fairly self-explanatory with the Cancer-Free Road Map (broken down into bite-sized topics) being central to the website. Admittedly, there is a lot of content on the website hence make sure to read How To Use This Website first and use the menu bar on the top right hand corner or go to the Table of Contents webpage for a complete overview, if you find yourself lost. Researching can quickly become a full time job if you are not careful, so it is important to also dedicate some time for yourself and to take your mind off things from time to time. You need to allow the mind and body to rest and heal.