Patient Involvement ‘Your Views’

As a user-interactive website, your feedback matters and your personal journey can equally inspire others on the website. The focus here is to have your say, express your views, share you own experiences good and bad, in the hope that others will benefit. This may take the form of how you were worried about certain symptoms, maybe you saw a GP who listened to you well, the feelings you had when you were first diagnosed with cancer, how you felt about treatment, etc., all in real time. You may feel a sense of purpose in being able to share and discuss things, which in itself can be useful. You never know, someone’s comments may be enough to have a profound influence on ones’ future action. Needless to say, however, opening up and writing down your thoughts and feelings is a very personal thing and may not necessarily be the thing for you.

The other aspect here is to be able to monitor you by you. Empowering you to take your own health into your hands is the first step to recovery & healing and the hope is to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing. Having an awareness of your physical measurements (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, blood tests, symptoms) and psychological measurements to assess your state of mind, will enable you gauge on your general wellbeing but also allow you to seek prompt medical advice when needed in a timely manner. Recording things down can be an aid memoir but also the process of writing things down in itself can be very therapeutic.



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