What is Cancer?

I don’t think we need an in-depth introduction to what cancer is but seeing some of the websites listed within CanSure Heal It ®  may make you think again as to what we are really contending with and how our understanding of cancer continues to evolve. People respond differently to the way in which information is conveyed and whilst some people like acquiring their factual information by reading various forms of literature, personal experience has taught me that different modes of studying can greatly impact the ease to which we understand and retain the information. What is interesting is that sometimes being able to visualise things helps to overcome some of mental barriers to grasping key concepts.


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To Understand Cell Biology and Disease using Anime

For those of you wishing to learn a bit about cell biology in a novel, yet fun way, there is a great Japanese anime series called Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibō). A junior doctor called Dr Hope does a fantastic running commentary on each of the episodes (there are English subtitles to the anime) on YouTube making the learning experience of science and medicine enjoyable and easy to understand.



For a dictionary of cancer terms and their definitions, click here.


For a scientific overview of cancer there is a Cell paper out called Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation by Hanahan & Weinberg (free to download)

With a better understanding of what cancer is, hopefully the lay out of this website will become clearer and you will be able to navigate your way on your cancer-free journey. Let’s now go back to The Cancer-Free Road Map.


(For the keen researchers)

Those of you who really want an in depth and up to date understanding of Cancer Biology, The Oxford Textbook of Cancer Biology edited by Prof Francesco Pezzella et al. is a fantastic textbook published in May 2019. At present, you can get a 30% discount with the code AMPROMD9 (at the point of Feb 2020, posted with permission from Prof Pezzella). A must have especially for researchers in the field of cancer.