Case 2 – ‘Anxiety’

You feel exceptionally anxious about the prospect of having cancer especially as there is a strong family history of cancer and you have several friends recently diagnosed with cancer. You contemplate addressing your increased anxiety and also notice some vague symptoms and wish to discuss this with your GP but find the waiting times to be quite long. You are fairly confident that you might be able to find something on the internet but not sure where to begin and unable to see the wood for the trees. There are some self-help websites and useful links in the section What is Psychological Therapy? and Self Help Guides, Apps and Books to manage stress and anxiety here, which may help to bridge the gap before you see your GP. Having hopefully excluded the possibility of cancer, the GP should provide the necessary support and help for you but may also refer you for psychological therapy if the (health) anxiety is overwhelming intrusive for you to function well.

If you are looking for some non-medication, non-psychological therapy intervention to manage or treat your anxiety, depression or insomnia, have a look at my review on Alpha-Stim (AID). This is novel portable handheld device utilising cranial electrotherapy stimulation as a mode of therapy and has recently been published on the Medtech Innovation Briefing for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in Sep 2019 with ongoing studies in the NHS setting. One would hope that it is likely to make the mainstream as an adjunct to medication and psychological therapies. 


see Case 3 – ‘Post Cancer Treatment’

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