Tackling the Fear of Seeing Your Doctor

Some people find it difficult to see their doctor let alone discuss their personal medical issues notwithstanding the difficulties of getting a doctor’s appointment in the first place. Others make it their mission to discuss the minute details of each and every one of their endless problems however trivial. Wherever you are on this spectrum (both have they problems), it is crucial to seek medical advice promptly especially when it comes to symptoms suggestive of possible cancer. Catching cancer early has a higher chance of being curable whereas a delay in diagnosis will subsequently lead to extensive investigations and treatments ultimately affecting your quality and even quantity of life. We really do want to catch and halt cancer early on in its tracks before things start get out of hand.

Most often, the fear of the unknown/receiving bad news, anxiety and denial are thought to be one of the many reasons for the delays in seeking prompt medical advice. Furthermore, previous bad experiences with the medical establishment or even medical treatments for past illnesses may prevent us wanting to engage purely based on the fears of bringing back memories of that traumatic experience (have a quick read of this article). Hopefully, the below video and websites will make you think twice about what really is preventing YOU from overcoming your inaction and allow you to take that first step to see the doctor; you can always take a look at the Health & Wellbeing section for some psychological assistance as well. Rest assured, the medical establishment, the doctors and healthcare professionals are on your side and want to act in your best medical interest. However, if you don’t seek help in the first place, there is no way of knowing that there is a problem to begin with. First and foremost, you need to take responsibility for your own health by making sure to optimise your lifestyle (e.g. to exercise, eating a good diet, sleeping well, reducing stress, etc) and make this your number goal. If you get this right, chances are you won’t need to see the doctor, which is a win-win situation. However, don’t use this an excuse not to seek medical help if you have concerning symptoms. Be vigilant and seek help at the right moment.


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Well it may be that we first need to address the concept of fear, overcome this and then change your behaviour. The below videos will hopefully get you thinking to act.

What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear – Will Smith

How to motivate yourself to change your behaviour (Tali Sharot, TEDxCambridge)



Be Clear On Cancer Symptoms

The ‘Be Clear On Cancer‘ by the NHS is an excellent website allowing you to look up various symptoms, which may be suggestive of cancer. If you are worried about any symptoms, make sure to book an appointment to see your GP soon! (For GPs, there is also a fantastic website + app called C the Signs, which is a clinical decision support tool to help clinicians to diagnosis cancer earlier).


Did you know doctors in the UK have not worn white coats since 2008?


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