In the Mood for a Holiday?

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Here, I have compiled some photos to hopefully get you in the holiday mood. Taking time off work (and this may not necessary have to equate to one’s job but more in terms of your day-to-day) is crucial to enable you to recharge, both physically and mentally. Allowing your body to rest and switch off from the stresses of daily life will boost your emotional and physical resilience but also help to heal the body. Of course, a holiday doesn’t have to involve travelling. For you, it may be taking out a book and reading it in your garden on a bright summer’s day is enough to get you in the right mood and frame of mind. For others, it may be flying out to an exotic island and enjoying the beach, for others going on a road trip to explore the unknown and to see new places. Everyone is different but what is important is to find the time to rest and relax – a holiday is merely a tool to achieving this!


The Holiday Mood



Some Holiday Destinations

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You’ll be surprised to hear that according to one study, travelling can potentially make you happier than getting married.



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