The Dance of Life


‘Tread lightly’,
said the young man
in the green shirt;
and I, stumbling unsteadily
towards the finish,
reflected on the footprint
of my life’s marathon:


childhood, schooling, formation;
soldier, scholar, teacher;
husband, father, leader;
philosopher, philanthropist, poet…
a man who strove
to make his mark
and leave a legacy of his passing.


So is it too late to learn
to tread lightly –
sell the car, buy solar panels,
eat a vegan diet, avoid plastics…
live a simpler life?
but still I mean to try.


Meaning is everything –
what we make our lives mean.
Model the virtues.
Learn to become human-beings –
not know-alls or do-gooders!
Serve others. Dance.
Tread lightly.