Believing & Healing

We know that the power of believing can unlock an inner strength that is an important component to our general wellbeing whether for instance this is from religion, one’s spirituality / faith, meditation or attributes such as determination, motivation, perseverance and hope. Modern medicine is yet to be able to explain the true correlation and effects belief has on the mind and body but we are all familiar with the placebo effect (see The Placebo & Nocebo Effect), which clearly highlights the body’s ability to heal itself even without medication. Importantly, we also know that spontaneous cancer remissions do arise (see Survivor Stories) that further adds weight to this idea.

Depending on the stage of your cancer-free journey and mindset, for you it may be truly a fight ensuring that you beat cancer on a mental level to the bitter end; for others, it may be the idea that we need to allow the body to heal, with cancer being the product of years of neglect to the body or even the notion that we live with cancer but keeping it at arm’s length being the end game. The important thing is for you to find your positive belief and allow this to shape your positive actions even in the face of adversity (see The Power of the Positive Mind). In addition to modern medicine, we need to cherish and embrace the body’s ability to naturally heal itself.

Courtesy of The Simonton Documentary Taken from YouTube Terms of Service



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