How To Turn A Leaf?

In our day-to-day, we are exposed to different types of healthcare products and as a society, we are perhaps becoming more health conscious than ever before (or at least, have a better awareness of what’s needed to become more healthy notwithstanding  the rising prevalence of obesity; see Tackling Obesity). Most supermarkets now have their own brand of organic foods & products and even fast food restaurants over the last few years are trying to give the impression that they are caring with their healthier options. On the high street, there are countless shops offering products claiming to improve one’s general wellbeing starting with multivitamins, food supplements, essential oils, organic products to various medical and non-medical devices, etc. What is available? Is it really affordable? Do they really work?

Here, I have listed up a few healthcare shops and services that may offer you a flavour of what is out on the market. The aim isn’t for you to necessarily become super-organic (and deprive you of some of the culinary pleasures of life), to force you to choice one type of diet over another (see Tackling Poor Diet) or to force upon you a specific way of life; it is merely in the hope that smarter choices are made in terms of health living and a good diet. You will essentially have to find out what works best for you but I hope some of the information here may help you on the cancer-free journey. I will try to write some reviews on (medical) devices and products that I feel may help as well.


UK Shops – Stores & Products


Big Barn   Search Your Local Food Map or Market Place

Daylesford                                        an organic farm in Gloucestershire
Millets Farm Centre                    a farm-shop in Oxfordshire
The Organic Farm Shop            an organic farm in Cirencester
Waitrose Duchy Organic         organic foods available at Waitrose
Four Square                                      an organic food supermarket in London


Riverford                                           order organic food boxes
Abel & Cole                                      order organic food boxes
Ten Mile Menu                               order organic food boxes


Thrive Market (US)                      organic and non-GMO brands delivered






Alpha-Stim (AID)              helps with anxiety, depression and sleep


More To Come



Products For The Cancer-Free Journey


Live Better With Cancer                    products that make day-to-day life better
Cancer Research UK Shop                practical products
Not Another Bunch of Flowers      handpicked cancer care packages and cancer gifts
Amazon                                                         gifts for cancer patients


Choose Hope (US)                                  cancer awareness products and other products
Headcovers (US)                                      headwear and beauty products