Latest Advances in Cancer …

The pace at which medicine is evolving is phenomenal. Researchers have taken numerous different approaches to try to combat cancer with some notable successes and breakthroughs in recent years. This has involved for instance from altering genes, targeting various metabolic pathways that are utilised uniquely by cancer cells, enhancing one’s own immune system or using components of the immune system to promote the destruction of cancer cells. Take the immunotherapy drug, the PD1 and PD-L1 inhibitors (that resulted in the Nobel Prize for 2018 jointly shared by Dr J. Allison & T. Honjo; see articles) where only 10 years ago, advanced stage melanoma was thought to be terminal and this is now being treated at very successful rates even for late stage cancer.



Unfortunately, it is unlikely there will be a magic bullet to treat all types of cancers at present, but advances in medicine will hopefully sooner or later put cancer treatments on par with for example HIV treatment. One of the greatest medical successes in recent times is that the life expectancy of someone with HIV, a diseased that was once considered a terminal illness, is now near normal with antiretroviral therapy. So, while a cancer cure may ultimately be developed for each of the respective cancers at some point, we are hopefully moving forwards toward being able to manage & treat cancer to allow us ‘to live with cancer’ rather than ‘to die from cancer’. I am sure one day we will reflect back to say there used to be an incurable disease called cancer.



In this section, we look at:

The Cancer Pathway (NHS)


Cancer Treatments

Clinical Trials

Research in Cancer



Please DO NOT solely rely on the information provided on this and the various websites linked to it. Is is important to discuss options with your doctor (e.g. the oncologist / surgeon / dermatologist / GP, etc.) and to come up with an effective management plan wherever you are on your cancer-free journey.


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