Seven Lessons of Love


‘Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.’ Song of Sol., viii, 8.


There is no truth to know –
there is no god above –
nor any law below –
no law, no god, no truth, but love.


Love’s dual aspect, Janus face,
that balance few achieve –
it’s easier to give with grace
than gratefully receive.


The threefold act of love (not sex) –
acceptance, cherishing and trust –
renews (or else, if absent, wrecks)
relationship.  (Love is not lust.)
True love bears all; love cares, respects
and never fails – until we’re dust.


The elements of love are four:
earth, water, air and fire.
Parental love is like a rock
containing seams of gold,
while charity’s a spring of pure
water – it never fails;
and self-esteem’s the air you breathe;
passion’s a naked flame.


Four functions with a single name –
to prompt, check, pierce or sheathe.
Love’s like fresh air that never stales,
a fire you can’t ignore,
as sweet as water, clear and cold,
and solid as a block
of marble. Love helps you aim higher,
while holding you secure.


A faithful marriage is an exercise –
five-fingered: first, the thumb (opposable)
reminds us that, untended, marriage may
become a battle-ground.  Divorces leave
a stain which never wholly fades away.
The pointing finger signifies the truth
that after marriage that finger of blame
points nowhere but towards the pointer – you
chose him (or her): there’s no one else to blame.
The middle finger marks the middle ground
you both must seek, where you can stand together.
The finger with the endless ring of gold’s
an emblem of your choice of lifelong marriage.
The little finger symbolises children,
the purpose and reward of faithful marriage.


Love’s rainbow colours are: red, orange, gold,
green, blue and violet.  Red is for heart
and feelings. Orange – juice and sweetness. Gold
for value and endurance. Green portrays
fertility, and blue the limits of
our human possibility.  The last
is violet – the colour of the Liebestod.


Always smile on Sunday.
Listen well on Monday.
Tuesday – seek (and take) someone’s advice.
Wednesday – do (for someone) something nice.
On Thursday, ask the best question of all:
how can I make your life more wonderful?
Friday’s the proper day to offer praise.
Say thanks to somebody on Saturdays.
Or strive to do all seven of the above
Each day of every week – and master love.