Heart Warming Photos, Videos & Films


Whether it is about capturing the moment or to bring back memories, a single photo can for example make us laugh, smile or even shed a tear. Depending on the nature of the photo, it may even put you in the right mood to motivate you (see How to Calm the Mind), put you in the holiday mood (see How to Get You in the Holiday Mood) or renew your faith in humanity and as they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.


Video Clips

There are so many hidden gems when it comes to videos clips. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo to dedicated platforms for positive thinking like A Plus, etc. Just do a search on a topic of interest and you are sure to find something that will resonate with you.



We’ve all seen that film where we might shed a tear or two (though not everyone may want to admit to this) or felt a fuzzy feeling after all good film. It may be that the film puts you in a good mood, one that inspires you or allows you to put things perspective and to think positively. What we are specifically moved by will varying from person to person but there are unifying features to certain films that tick for as heartwarming films. Feel free to put in the comments section films that you think would be worth sharing!



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