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Key Concepts:             (1)  The Cancer-Free Journey        (2)  The Cancer-Free Road Map


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Case 1 – ‘Obesity’

Case 2 – ‘Anxiety’

Case 3 – ‘Post Cancer’

Case 4 – ‘Sleep Issues’

Case 5 – ‘Healthy Diet’

General FAQs
The Cancer-Free Journey
The Cancer-Free Road Map


Topics Covered within The Cancer-Free Road Map

(as part of The Cancer-Free Journey)

What is Cancer?
Latest Advances in Cancer

The Cancer Pathway (NHS)

How to Test for Cancer?

New Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

What are the Clinical Trials in Cancer?

Researching ‘Cancer’ & Research in Cancer

Cancer Prevention Research

Achieving Good Health & Resisting Cancer (n = 1)

Tackling Stress

Tacking Sleep

Tacking Obesity

Tacking Smoking

Tacking Alcohol

Tacking Poor Diet

Tacking the Lack of Exercise

Tacking Sun Exposure

Tacking the Work-Life Balance

Tacking the Fear of Seeing Your Doctor

Cancer Screening

Cancer Vaccine

Genetic Testing

Health & Wellbeing Ideas

The Power of the Positive Mind

How to Find Happiness in Life?

How to Calm the Mind?

       How to Get You in the Holiday Mood?

       A Virtual Garden Tour

Meditation and Mindfulness

Breathing Exercises

What is Psychological Therapy?

Social Prescribing and Other Approaches

Self Help Guides, Apps and Books

A Time to Reflect – Poems

The ‘Feeling Good Factor’

A Laugh & A Smile

Heart Warming Photos, Videos & Films

Act of Kindness Videos

Inspiration, Moving & Uplifting Videos

A Good Cry As We Know It

The Power of the Imagination & Creativity

The Power of Music / Dance / Art & Anime

Cute Pets & Animals

       Our Havanese Dog

Complementary & Alternative Therapies

The Placebo & Nocebo Effects

The ‘Nagalase test’ & ‘ONCOblot blood test’

Post Cancer Care
Survivor Stories
Believing & Healing
Acceptance & Disclosure
Does Money Matter in Cancer Care?
The Doctor’s Perspective – The Other Side
A Compilation of Eureka Moments
Sharing My Own Thoughts
Patient Involvement ‘Your Views’
How To Turn A Leaf? (Store & Products)

Alpha-Stim (AID) – Cranial Electrotherapy

Major Cancer Websites (UK, US & International)
Cancer Information & Resources

Cancer Data & Statistics

Cancer Guides, Apps, Books & Films

News & Update