The ‘Feeling Good’ Factor

We know that the immune system is key to fighting off infections but also fundamental to keeping cancer at bay in our bodies. In a state of a lowered immune system, we are prone to catching colds and more susceptible to diseases as a whole. If we are in a state of happiness, the immune system will function better. Whilst new treatments that focus on harnessing the immune system known as immunotherapies are making its mark in the combat against cancer, there are natural ways too.

A good laugh a day will keep the cancer away
A good cry may also keep the cancer away
A good fight shall keep the cancer at bay

© Dr Paul Ch’en

Laughter, feeling happy, seeing people being happy, seeing and performing acts of kindness, being touched, being moved, being inspired are all likely to play a large part in boosting our immune system and help us to stay positive and positively-minded. Sure, it’s not possible to be 100% positive all the time but it’s important to find ways to be positive and being in that positive mindset. As you can imagine, a series of negative thoughts can easily lead to a cycle of negativity but more importantly, the reverse also holds true with positivity bringing about further positivity. Just remember the time you had a good day and for some reason, things just continued to go well. Breaking the cycle of negativity by introducing some level of positivity is one crucial step. Keeping positive and having strategies to maintain a positive mindset, similar to exercising to keep fit and continuing to do so, is the next step to maintaining your general physical and mental wellbeing.

They say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. I say that ‘a good laugh will keep the cancer away’. You can always put in keywords such as ‘funny videos’ into YouTube and make your own playlist. If you have seen any good websites/videos or have novel ideas to improve the content of this section, please send us an email to


We will break this down into a few sections
(1) A Laugh & A Smile
(2) Heart Warming Films
(3) Act of Kindness Videos
(4) Inspiration, Moving & Uplifting Videos
(5) A Good Cry
(6) The Power of Imagination & Creativity
(7) The Power of Music / Dance / Art / Anime
(8) Cute Pets & Animals